All of our systems are designed, built, tested and installed by leading technical teams. Our technical services provide a complete base of knowledge for the building team in executing critical projects.

Design Phase:

  • Design & Consultancy
  • Environmental and building code requirements
  • Specifications for equipment & systems
  • Flow diagrams / process/piping  and instrument diagrams
  • Power requirements for system equipments
  • Control wiring diagrams
  • BMS integration specifications

 Pre-Construction Phase:

  • Authority Approval Assistance
  • Planning tank installations
  • Cost estimating and scheduling assistance
  • Scope of work analysis for mechanical, electrical & control
  • Control wiring drawings for installation estimates
  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Commissioning procedures and checklists
  • Method Statement
  • Shop Layout Drawings
  • Technical submittals

 Construction Phase:

  • Construction planning and trade coordination assistance
  • Detailed wiring diagrams and conduit / wire scheduling
  • Technical assistance for equipments/system installation
  • System Installation at site
  • Installation quality control checklists

Start-up and Commissioning:

  • Start up inspections and testing
  • BMS integration assistance and point activation
  • Full commissioning of the entire installed equipments/systems
  • Owner training and operational technical support
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • Final Dossiers

After Sales Support

  • Warranty Services
  • Preparing Site Report
  • Periodic Maintenance Contract
  • Fast Parts Service

Other Services

  • Pump Performance Test
  • Pump Hydrostatic Test
  • Vibration & Noise Tests
  • Laser Alignment Report